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Chief Accountant

Our Client is a western company-manufacturer (hygiene products)
We are looking for
Chief Accountant

Purpose of a Job:
Responsible for all the accounting and financial activities, procedures and policy of the company

Main Tasks
- Is organizing an accounting business and financial activities and control over economical use of materials, labor and financial resources, preservation of property companies.
- Forming of accounting policy in accordance with the legislation based on the structure and features of the enterprise, the need to ensure its financial stability.
- Leading the preparation and adoption of the working chart of accounts, forms the primary records used for processing business transactions for which no model forms are provided, the development of document forms of the internal accounting accountability, and ensuring of inventories, control of the business operations, compliance with accounting information, processing technology and order workflow.
- Provides a rational organization of accounting and reporting of enterprise and its units on the basis of maximum centralization of accounting computational work and the use of modern technology and information technologies, advanced forms and methods of accounting and control, shaping and timely complete and reliable accounting information on the activities of the enterprise, its property status, income and expenditure, as well as the development and implementation of aimed activities at strengthening the financial discipline.
- Organizes the registration of assets, liabilities and business operations, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash, timely reflected in the accounts of the accounting transactions associated with their movement, cost of accounting production and handling, execution cost estimates, sales of products, works (services), the results of economic-financial activity, as well as financial, payment and credit transactions.
- Provides legitimacy, timeliness and accuracy of documents, making economically sound accounting calculation of cost, performed works (services), payroll, proper charging and transfer of taxes and charges in the federal, regional and local budgets, insurance contributions to the state budget social funds, payments to the bank
agencies, funds to finance capital expenditures, repayment of the established
terms of debts to banks for loans, as well as allocation of funds for financial incentives for employees of the company.
- Monitoring of the order processing of primary and accounting documents, calculations and payment obligations, expenditures on patrolo fees for the establishment of salary employees, conducting Inventories of fixed assets, inventory and cash Audit of accounting and reporting, as well as the documentary's revision in divisions of the enterprise.
- Involved in conducting economic analysis of economic and financial
of the company according to accounting and reporting in order to identify on-farm reserves, eliminate waste and overhead.
- Takes measures to prevent shortages, illegal expenditure of money funds and inventory, violations of financial and economic legislation. Participates in the design of materials on deficit and embezzlement funds and inventory, controls the transfer of appropriate these materials in the investigative and judicial authorities.
- Takes measures to generate funds to provide financial sustainability of the enterprise.
- Interacts with the banks on the allocation of free funds in bank deposit accounts (certificates) and the acquisition of highly liquidity of government securities, control of the accounting operations with deposit and loan agreements, securities.
- Works to ensure strict compliance with staffing, financial and cash discipline, budgets of administrative-economic and other costs, legal write-offs Accounts of shortages, receivables and other losses, keeping accounting records, registration and deposit them in the prescribed manner to the archive.
- Participates in the development and implementation of sound planning and accounting records, progressive forms and methods of accounting through the application of modern computer technology.
- Ensure a balance of operational and consolidated statements of income and
expenditure of funds, the use of the budget, other financial and statistical reporting, their representation in the prescribed manner to the appropriate authorities.
- Provides technical assistance to employees in business units regarding accounting, monitoring, reporting and economic analysis.
- Supervises accounting staff.

The requirements:
To the position of Chief Accountant can be appointed only a person who has higher
professional (economic) education and experience of financial and economic work,
and the experience of senior positions for at least 5 years.
-    Legislation on accounting, orders, decrees, orders and other guidelines, teaching materials and financial regulations and audit bodies on matters of accounting and reporting, as well as concerning the economic and financial activity, civil law, financial, tax and economic legislation, the enterprise structure, strategy and prospects for its development regulations and instructions of accounting for enterprise, the rules for its conduct, order processing operations and organization document by sections accounting; forms and procedures for financial calculations, and methods of economic analysis and financial activity, identifying of on-farm reserves, the order of receipt, posting, storage and disposal cash, inventory and other assets; calculation rules with debtors andcreditors;
-     conditions of taxation of businesses and individuals, order cancellation of Accounts of shortages, receivables and other losses;
-     Rules inventories of cash and inventory, order and time the balance sheet and reporting rules for conducting audits and Documentary audits; modern means of a computer technology and their possible applications to perform accounting and computer operations and analysis; industrial and economic and financial activity;
-     advanced domestic and foreign experience to improve the organization of accounting; economy, organization of production, labor and management framework of production technology;
-     market methods of management, labor laws, rules and norms of labor protection.
-computer skills and knowledge of office software packages, MS Office, 1C Enterprise
Fluent Russia, Ukrainian, English

Conditions of Job:
Permanent hiring according to Ukrainian Legislation
Trial period    3 months
Payment on a trial period 1300 EUR net

Заинтересованных кандидатов просим срочно прислать резюме на английском языке, обязательно с названием
Chief Accountant - резюме
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