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Senior Software Developer IoT (C, Java), Sweden

Senior Software Developer IoT (C, Java)

Job description
The mission is within IoT (Internet of Things).

For this we are looking for a senior software developer with deep knowledge in C and Java, and look forward to your background in R&D software development, but also insight into IT systems.

We will build the new IoT platform and need a visionary to see new technologies and tools. Therefore, you need to possess substantial knowledge in C programming and Java to be able to develop and implement from a start-up. The group we work in the border country R & D and IT. The vision is to build 5G in 2 years.
At least 8-9 years of experience of both are needed to cope with the high delivery rate and the demands of this highly business critical system.
We work in Agile and after Scrum with 3 weeks of sprinting.
Right now:
Smart Factory: What's going to work right now is our Smart Factory the first months are about understanding the requirements for building this and being the most critical. You will be the one who builds, implements and when we work on the prototype for this in a living environment, accuracy and knowledge are required to make it stable and well coded. Much of this must be automated directly.

ECO system today.
• Data Integration Link data, (Jenkings Git, Jira ect)
• Streaming-Hadoop
• B2B Partners that we integrate with.
• IoT

We Want To Go To BI, Business Analytics Even In This.

- Java
- C

Desirable background
- R&D software development
- insight into IT systems

2900-3800 USD net (в зависимости от уровня кандидата)

Контракт 12 месяцев
Работа в Стокгольме, Швеция
Обязательно хорошее знание английского языка

Заинтересованных кандидатов просим срочно прислать резюме на английском (.docx)
c названием Senior Software Developer IoT, Sweden
по e-mail
[email protected]

Тимошенко Валентин Владимирович

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